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PS_CR Vocab Review

Author: Sanders Rachel
Description: Match the word with the definition
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0. Chloroplast
1. Burnign fossil fuels
2. stomata
3. ATP
4. Aerobic Respiration
5. Osmosis
6. guard cells
7. Photosynthesis
8. phloem
9. Cell Resp
10. maintain homeostasis
11. Adenine Sugar 3 Phosphates
12. 2
13. Products
14. Gluc%22ose%22
15. selectively permeable

0. type of respiration that uses oxygen
1. opening allows for gas exchange
2. CO2%2bWater%2bRadiant Energy--%3e Glucose %2bO2
3. type of energy created during respiration
4. type of respirationt that doesn%27t use energy
5. why is it impartant to rid the cells of toxins
6. delivers water from the roots
7. site of photosynthesis in a plant
8. process that increases C in the atmosphere
9. what does the pre-fix -tri mean
10. energy source for most organisms to live and grow
11. oxygen %2b sugrar= carbon dioxide %2b water %2b ATP
12. make up the ATP molecule
13. substance used during a chem rxn. Left side of equation
14. what type of respiration created the most energy
15. movement of water across a membrane