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Author: Abdullah Atom
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1. Which one is true about Alpha helix
A) 2 aa per turn
B) 6 aa per turn
C) 3.6 aa per turn
D) 9.6 aa per turn

2. Globular protein...
A) Is Insoluble
B) Is Helical
C) Is structural
D) Is native state

3. Which one is Not True about quaternary structure?
A) Multiple folded protein
B) Monomer
C) Non covalent interaction
D) Allosteric

4. which pair can not exsist in Alpha helix at pH =7?
A) Lysine - Leucine
B) Aspartate - Aspargine
C) Isuleucine - Leucine
D) Aspartate - Glutumate

5. Interdisulfide bond is:
A) Between two Cysteine from two distinct proteins
B) Between two Cysteine from the same protein
C) Between Cystein and Methionine
D) It is Non Covalent bond

6. which method is used for peptide sequencing analysis
A) Edman Reagent
B) Chromatography
C) Acid hydrolysis
D) 2-mercaptoethanol.

7. Amyloid protein ...
A) It is carbohydrates deposits in the brain
B) Is resemblance of Alpha helix
C) Is resemblance of beta sheets
D) It is lipid deposits in the brain

8. Which one is not a protein?
A) Enzymes
B) Glycogen
C) Hemoglobin
D) Collagen

9. Myoglobin..
A) Quaternary structure
B) Binds one O2
C) Multisubunits
D) Allosteric