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Properties of Exponents

Author: Sturdivant Veronica
Description: Find the answer that simplifies the exponent using one of the basic property rules
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0. squared
1. power rule
2. zero exponent
3. base
4. ^
5. (5x)^2
6. (2x)^5
7. quotient rule
8. 5x^2
9. exponent
10. parenthesis raised to a power
11. producti rule
12. 2x^5
13. cubed
14. power
15. negative exponent

0. 2x^5
1. 25x^2
2. ANYTHING raised to the zero power is 1
3. 32x^5
4. raised ot the third power
5. when you multiply exponents of the SAME BASE you add
6. an expression that has a base and an exponent
7. raised to a power of
8. everything must be raised to the outside power, even the number
9. you must re-write the exponent using the reciprocal
10. 5x^2
11. tells you how many times to multiply the big number by itself
12. when exponents are raised to a power, you multiply the exponents
13. when you divide exponents of the SAME BASE you subtract
14. raised to the second power
15. the number you repeatedly multiply by itself