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Persuasive Techniques

Author: Burdette Heather
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0. Fact
1. Testimonials
2. Advertisement
3. Relevance
4. Opinion
5. Editorial
6. Viewpoint
7. Bandwagon
8. Glittering Generalities
9. Name Calling
10. Redundant
11. Appeal to emotions
12. Appeal to Prestige
13. Plain Folks
14. Accuracy
15. Bias

0. Connects to the audience%27s feelings, such as patriotism
1. An author%27s unique perspective on a topic
2. Public notice to sell a product or announce an event
3. A belief or judgment that cannot be verified
4. Information that is repetitive
5. Can be veritified or proven
6. Using the words of a celebrity or spokesperson
7. Using a person whose lifestyle appeals to the audience
8. Author shares a personal viewpoint in letter form
9. Creating a negative attitude using slanted language
10. Information is factual and up-to-date
11. Creating the desitre to join a goup; making one feel left out
12. An author%27s writing reveals his/her opinion about a conflict.
13. Using people with whom the audience can identify
14. Information relates to the main idea
15. Giving only the good qualities using positive language