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Indefinite pronouns and adverbs

Author: Candido Ivonne
Description: Indefinite pronouns and adverbs We use somebody, something, or somewhere in positive sentences to talk about a person, thing, or place when we don%27t mean a particular one. • Someone can easily make up a story. We use everybody, everything, and everywhere in positive sentences and in questions to talk about all people, things, or places. • Don%27t trust everything you read! We use nobody/no one, nothing, and nowhere with a positive singular verb to mean no person, thing, or place. • There%27s nowhere like the Internet for finding fake news. We use anybody/anyone, anything, and anywhere in negative sentences and questions. • I don%27t know anything about it. We can also use any- in posititve sentences when it means %22it doesn%27t matter who/what/where.%22 • You can post anything you want online these days. INSTRUCTIONS Complete these sentences using the Indefinite pronouns and adverbs
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1. I’ve looked #, but I can’t find that article you mentioned.
A) everywhere

2. Does # have Lisa’s phone number? I need to call her.
A) anyone

3. 3.- There is # on the Internet about yesterday’s events.
A) nothing

4. I don’t want to read # about it. It just makes me angry.
A) anything

5. I got the same reply from # I spoke to. I don’t think I trust their answers.
A) everyone

6. There is # worse to look for accurate news than the Internet.
A) nowhere

7. Is there # else we might find more information?
A) anywhere

8. Surely there must be # who knows what really happened?
A) someone