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Subjective and Objective Pronouns

Author: Craig Paige
Description: Put each pronoun in the appropriate group (subjective OR objective). The pronouns are in all capital letters so you can easily identify them.
Keywords: subjective, objective, pronoun, english, language, , online teaching

1. Subjective
2. Objective
3. group_name3
4. group_name4

0. YOU are a great friend.
1. SHE has a lot of pencils.
2. Jessica is going over THERE.
3. Mrs. Neal has OUR homework.
4. The dancers performed for US.
5. I am going to be famous one day.
6. IT is a lovely day to have a picnic.
7. John will carry IT.
8. Tom hit ME on the arm!
9. Take HIM to the park tomorrow.
10. WE take pictures of everything.
11. Jane took THEIR markers.