Online teaching

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Promoting Excellence Through the Teaching and Learning Connecti

Author: Hodges Chelsea
Keywords: , , , , , , online teaching

0. mnemonic devices
1. self-advocacy
2. semantic maps
3. executive learners
4. structuring
5. strategy guides
6. concept diagram
7. fluency
8. organization
9. self-recording
10. external storage function
11. encoding function
12. metacognition
13. presenting
14. explaining
15. time management

0. questioning materials that give support to students learning
1. promote class discussion, students work together
2. helps determine definitions, characteristics, and examples
3. graphic aid to help students prepare for class discussion
4. visualize and sequence content-area information
5. written documentation of progress made in learning goals
6. clear, direct, explicit presentation of information
7. physical act of taking notes promotes student learning
8. shrinking the key ideas in a telegraphic style
9. self-analysis and goal setting for academic and behavioral taks
10. help students learn how to express ideas, justify positions
11. arranging a presentation in a logical order
12. form associations that help remember information
13. reason to complete reading assignment
14. providing a clear format for the presentation, easy to follow
15. breaking up material into manageable short, chunks