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Promoting Excellence Through the Teaching and Learning Connecti

Author: Hodges Chelsea
Keywords: , , , , , , online teaching

0. vibrant discussions
1. fluency
2. time management
3. consolidation
4. executive learners
5. strategy guides
6. concept diagram
7. self-evaluation
8. encoding function
9. mnemonic devices
10. discussion web
11. sequencing
12. semantic maps
13. Purpose-setting activities
14. timelines
15. external storage function

0. arranging a presentation in a logical order
1. helps determine definitions, characteristics, and examples
2. form associations that help remember information
3. visual aid that helps students see relationship between ideas
4. promote class discussion, students work together
5. delivering material in an articulate, lively manner
6. showing how key ideas are related
7. graphic aid to help students prepare for class discussion
8. rapid and effective
9. shrinking the key ideas in a telegraphic style
10. communicate interests %26 needs to make informed decisions
11. physical act of taking notes promotes student learning
12. providing a clear format for the presentation, easy to follow
13. breaking up material into manageable short, chunks
14. knowledge of one%27s knowledge, cognitive states
15. questioning materials that give support to students learning