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Adjectives Unit 1-4

Author: Hanková Lucie
Description: Choose the most suitable adjective.
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1. We are going to take a test tomorrow, we are very ______________.
A) local
B) nervous
C) independent
D) silk

2. I hate politics, it´s so ___________________!
A) boring
B) plastic
C) uncomfortable
D) itchy

3. Adam is a ________________ musician.
A) attractive
B) suitable
C) starving
D) brilliant

4. Wash your socks, they are ______________.
A) swollen
B) smelly
C) unhealthy
D) exciting

5. Honza didn´t know about the exam, he was very ________________.
A) cotton
B) slim
C) surprised
D) present

6. Kamila´s desk is always ______________, her things are on one pile and there is no mess.
A) tidy
B) embarrassing
C) sensible
D) enthusiastic

7. In Africa you can see many ________________ children.
A) reliable
B) fine
C) silver
D) starving

8. Kristýna is an ___________________ girl.
A) itchy
B) attractive
C) steel
D) wrong

9. Martin is tall and ___________________.
A) gold
B) polite
C) slim
D) swollen

10. These shoes are very __________________, they are too small for me and my feet hurt.
A) suitable
B) gorgeous
C) independent
D) uncomfortable

11. Matěj is ___________________, he always keeps his promises.
A) reliable
B) rubber
C) local
D) sophisticated

12. I´m wearing _________________ earrings and necklace.
A) silver
B) wooden
C) gold
D) steel

13. Veronika and Nikča are _____________________, they study vocabulary during breaks.
A) strange
B) hard-working
C) surprised
D) exciting

14. Bára is ________________ to me, she always says hello to me and doesn´t use vulgar words.
A) polite
B) reliable
C) uncomfortable
D) nervous