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Pre-Assesment Chef Hosp.

Description: What do you know about cooking terms? Do your best - you are determining your level of knowledge.
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1. Define Al Dente
A) Used to describe pasta or foods cooked to point of being done
B) Checking the doneness of pastry by light touch
C) To chop food in small bits
D) Raw food

2. Define Amuse Bouche
A) Type of soup or broth
B) Type of topping to be placed on a small piece of bread
C) A little bite of food to invigorate the palate - decoration on plate
D) To beat icing until glossy

3. Define Channel
A) To divide meat for sauces to run off
B) To create small V-shape on fruits/veggies for decoration
C) To slice into bread dough prior to baking
D) To make a %22moat%22 with veggies to keep liquid close to meat

4. You want to add a %22sweet%22 flavor by using cooked fruits and vegatables. What method could you use?
A) Caramelize
B) Braise
C) Searing
D) Chiffonade

5. You need to dredge your chicken prior to cooking, you would
A) Pound the meat with a tenderizer
B) Roll and tie with a string prior to frying
C) Marinate over night
D) Lightly coat with flour, breadcrumbs or cornmeal

6. You are to create a new flavor of cupcake. Your basic cupcake should have....
A) Butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs and some salt
B) Shortening, sugar, flour, baking soda, eggs
C) Flour, sugar, salt, butter and milk
D) Flour, eggs, water, salt

7. A great cupcake should be
A) Moist, dense, thick with flavor
B) Only thing matters is the flavor
C) Slightly cooked over time, moist, chewy
D) Moist, light, flavorable, have some curve at the top

8. To steep an aromatic ingredient in hot liquid until the flavor has been extracted and absorbed by the liquid
A) Puree
B) Quench
C) Infuse
D) Whip

9. To strain liquids or particles of food through a sieve or strainer
A) Sift
B) Sieve
C) Grind
D) Emulsify