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Match the two halves to make logical connections.

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0. Do you know anything about Ryan?
1. Do you want a coffee?
2. Would you like something to eat?
3. Would you like to see that movie?
4. Don%27t forget to get the tickets.
5. Have you booked a table yet?
6. Can you lend me some money?
7. I can%27t find Helen.
8. I like your shoes.
9. Can I borrow your newspaper?
10. Did you buy the eggs?
11. Have you finished your homework?
12. You look tired.
13. You look really glad!
14. Oh, am I too late?
15. Would you like another one?

0. I%27ve already had lunch, thanks.
1. I%27ve just spoken with him.
2. No, I%27ve just started the class.
3. Sorry, but I haven%27t been to the bank yet.
4. Yes, I%27ve already done it.
5. Thanks! I%27ve just bought them.
6. No, I haven%27t started it yet.
7. I haven%27t read it yet. Sorry!
8. No, thanks. I%27ve just had one.
9. No, I haven%27t been to the supermarket yet.
10. It%27s Ok. I%27ve already got them.
11. I am! I%27ve just got up.
12. I%27ve just seen her in the kitchen.
13. No, thanks. I%27ve already had three.
14. No! I%27ve already seen it and it%27s terrible.
15. I%27ve just had some good news.