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Present perfect

Author: Obenausova Svetlana
Description: Fill in the past participles of given verbs.
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1. Have you ever # (to be) to Paris?
A) been

2. Have you already # (to see) the latest film by Woody Allen?
A) seen

3. Have you # (to read) the new book by Bill Bryson?
A) read

4. Have you ever # (to fly) with Air France?
A) flown

5. What have you # (to bring) in that bag?
A) brought

6. Have you ever # (to feel) seasick?
A) felt

7. Has he already # (to forget) about that bad experience?
A) forgotten

8. I have never # (to speak) to an Australian.
A) spoken

9. Have you ever # (to fall) in love that quickly?
A) fallen

10. She has never # (to sleep) in a tent.
A) slept

11. Have you ever # (to throw) tomatoes at politicians?
A) thrown

12. Have you ever # (to drink) tea with yak butter?
A) drunk

13. Have you ever # (to drive) a BMW car?
A) driven

14. Have you ever # (to sing) in an opera?
A) sung

15. She has never # (to swim) in the ocean.
A) swum

16. She has never # (to lose) anything.
A) lost

17. I have never # (to come) late to school.
A) come

18. We cannot leave yet, we have not # (pay).
A) paid

19. Have you already # (to meet) your daughter%27s boyfriend?
A) met