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Present Perfect

Author: Abdullatipova Patimat
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1. She Italy.
A) have been
B) has been
C) was
D) were

2. Why it?
A) have...done
B) did...done
C) has...done
D) have...did

3. I ... in my room.
A) were
B) been
C) has been
D) have been

4. Ann ... the tickets.
A) buy
B) has bought
C) bought
D) have bought

5. Brian ... football.
A) is played
B) have played
C) has played
D) are playing

6. I ... some money in the street.
A) found
B) has found
C) did find
D) have found

7. I ... that movie ten times.
A) saw
B) seen
C) have seen
D) has seen

8. People ... to Mars yet.
A) haven%27t travelled
B) hasn%27t travelled
C) travelled
D) have travelled

9. Man ... on the Moon.
A) has walked
B) walks
C) walked
D) have walked

10. The army ... the city five times.
A) have attacked
B) attack
C) attacked
D) has attacked

11. He ... never... by train.
A) have...traveled
B) traveled
C) has...traveled
D) travels