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Author: Manouchos Elias
Description: Present Tenses and Past Tenses Please click on the right answer
Keywords: English Grammar, Present Tense, Past Tense, , , , online teaching

1. The police ____________a burglary in the city centre.
A) have just reported
B) just reported
C) reported
D) were just reporting

2. What time __________?
A) is the film starting
B) the film is starting
C) the film starts
D) does the film start

3. I ___________ the new Iron Man film. I%27ve heard it%27s good.
A) not seen
B) didn%27t see
C) haven%27t seen
D) didn%27t saw

4. Come on! I ____________ for two hours for you to get ready.
A) %27ve been waiting
B) was waiting
C) had been waiting
D) %27ve been waited

5. I _____________ that story so many times!
A) heard
B) have heard
C) have been hearing
D) have hearing

6. ______________ the performance last night?
A) Did you enjoy
B) Have you enjoyed
C) You enjoyed
D) Were you enjoyed

7. What ____________ between 8:00 and 10:00 last night?
A) had you done
B) were you doing
C) you doing
D) have you done

8. By the time we called them, they _____________ .
A) already went out
B) had already gone out
C) already gone out
D) were already going out

9. Did you ___________ to have a swing in your garden when you were a child?
A) using
B) would use
C) used
D) use