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Prehistoric Pottery and Sculpture (copy)

Author: zxvzxvxzvzx kareree
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1. What were seals and computers usually made from?
A) Clay
B) Dried Mud
C) Stone
D) Wood

2. Early Cycladic anthropomorphic figurines are depicted as doing what?
A) Brushing their hair
B) Eating
C) Crossing their arms
D) Fighting

3. Bronze figurines that depict males praying have been found where?
A) Caves
B) Peak Sanctuaries
C) Tombs
D) Temple

4. Terra-cotta figurines were of what?
A) Men
B) Animals
C) Warriors
D) Women

5. The terra-cotta %22sauceboat%22 was popular during which time period?
A) Early Cycladic
B) Early Helladic
C) Early Minoan
D) Middle Minoan

6. Early Cycladic vessels were made from which material?
A) Marble
B) Stone
C) Bronze
D) Wood

7. Vasiliki vessels were common during which period?
A) Early Minoan
B) Middle Minoan
C) Early Cycladic
D) Late Cycladic

8. Urifirnis was commonly found during period?
A) Mesolithic
B) Neolithic
C) Palaeolithic
D) Bronze Age

9. What is the %22ritual killing%22 of artifacts?
A) Stealing
B) Melting down
C) Breaking
D) Losing