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Author: Mr. DeCosmo Adam
Keywords: Congress, Powers, , , , , online teaching

1. Enumeraged/Expressed Powers
2. Implied Powers
3. Denied Powers
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0. Power to create a minimum wage
1. Raise and support military
2. Regulate interstate commerce
3. Borrow Money
4. Punish acts committed on international waters
5. Coin and Print Currency (money)
6. establish laws of naturalization %26 citizenship
7. Declare War
8. Establish Bankruptcy
9. Power to limit the numbers of immigrants
10. Make laws of naturalization
11. Regulate safety in workplaces
12. Create lower federal courts
13. No tax on exports
14. Research weapons and technology for espionage
15. Right to test nuclear weapons
16. Power to prohibit discrimination in public
17. esablish a post office
18. Cannot suspend habeus corpus
19. Provide all laws necessary and proper for listed powers
20. No Bill of attander
21. Establish and maintain a national bank
22. Lay %26 collect Taxes
23. No Ex Post Facto
24. Grant copyrights and patents to inventors
25. No titles of nobility
26. Right to draft people into military
27. establish national roads and canals
28. Punish Counterfeiters
29. regulate a militia %26 national guard
30. govern Washington DC
31. Support Public School, Welfare programs, housing