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PowerPoint Test (copy)

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1. Slide color usually dark with light text or visa-versa.
A) Background Color
B) Charting
C) Animations
D) Decrease Indent Button

2. Used to illustrate items that can occur in any order; an enhancement feature
A) Bulleted List
B) enhancement
C) custom animations
D) attributes

3. Electronic artwork available on your computer
A) Clip Art
B) icon
C) fast art
D) image screen

4. Gracefully ends a presentation.
A) Clip Art
B) Frame
C) Closing Slide
D) Animations

5. Defining animation types, speeds, and sounds
A) Decrease Indent Button
B) Formatting Toolbar
C) Custom Animations
D) Closing Slide

6. To lower the level of a paragraph
A) Crop Button
B) Decrease Indent Button
C) Increase Indent Button
D) Tab Button

7. Adds emphasis or importance to a document by using color, bullets, etc
A) Catalog
B) Drawing Tools
C) Graphic Frame
D) Enhancement

8. Objects that become a part of a given document
A) Embedded
B) Foreground Color
C) Font
D) Charting

9. Buttons on the tool bar for changing the appearance of objects within a publication.
A) Hierarchy
B) Frame
C) Drawing Tools
D) Formatting Toolbar

10. Object in a publication containing text, a graphic image, table or any combination of these.
A) Handles
B) Catalog
C) Frame
D) Custom Animations

11. Small usually black squares displayed around the perimeter of a selected object used in sizing.
A) Group
B) Handles
C) Hierarchy
D) Layers

12. To raise a paragraph to another level
A) Custom animations
B) Increase Indent Button
C) Multi-Level Slides
D) Tab Button

13. How information is arranged for presentations
A) Layout
B) Menu Bar
C) Kerning
D) Palette

14. Using various mediums to assist in represent information; such as video, audio, etc.
A) Presentation Graphics
B) Animations
C) Multimedia
D) Objects

15. Used to list items in a particular order
A) Numbered List
B) Closing Slide
C) Rulers
D) Decrease Indent Button

16. Position the paper is printed on
A) Orientation
B) List
C) Ruler
D) Lock Aspect Ratio

17. Using various mediums to assist in represent information; such as video, audio, etc.
A) Outlining
B) Layout
C) Slides
D) Multimedia

18. Used to list items in a particular order
A) Rulers
B) Menu Bar
C) Numbered List
D) Layout Guides

19. The make up of a slide that includes text, graphics, charts, etc.
A) Objects
B) Level
C) Pictures
D) Images

20. Position the paper is printed on
A) Layout
B) Orientation
C) Level
D) Aspect Ratio

21. Developing the presentation using an outline to assist with organization.
A) Outlining
B) Guiding
C) Numbering
D) Finding

22. The basic unit of a presentation
A) Slides
B) Shows
C) Motions
D) Animations

23. An electronic presentation
A) Tool Bar
B) Slide Show
C) Palette

24. A special effect used to progress slides throughout a presentation
A) Animations
B) Objects
C) Layers
D) Slide Transitions

25. Defined formatting attributes
A) Font
B) Show Graphics
C) Style
D) Palette

26. Tabular arrangement of information using columns and rows for organization
A) Template
B) Zoom
C) Art
D) Table

27. Pre-designed backgrounds for slides
A) Workspace
B) Template
C) Ungroup
D) Commands

28. Graphic object in which text is typed
A) Table
B) Text Frame
C) Palette
D) Template

29. A slide where text is primarily represented
A) Text Slide
B) Closing Slide
C) Slide
D) Finished Slide

30. The first slide that introduces the presentation to the audience
A) Closing Slide
B) Text Slide
C) Slide
D) Title Slide

31. A text object containing curves or wavy text designed as shapes
A) Word Art
B) Object
C) Clipart
D) Graphic Image