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Economic or Political Relationship? QUIZ (5d)

Author: Gehle Beth
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1. Economic Relationship
2. Political Relationship
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0. Great Britain imposed strict control over trade.
1. Colonies were taxed after French and Indian War.
2. Colonies traded raw materials for British goods.
3. Colonists had to obey British laws.
4. British laws were enforced by governors.
5. Colonial governors were appointed by the king.
6. A colonial legislature made laws for each colony.
7. Colonial legislatures were monitored by governors.
8. Colonists grew tobacco and traded for British cloth.
9. Town meetings in New England made town laws.
10. The House of Burgesses made new laws for VA.
11. Parliament passed the Stamp Act to raise revenue.
12. The Proclamation of 1763 restricted movement west.
13. The British built ships out of timber from the colonies.
14. The colonists opposed British taxes.
15. Some colonists resented colonial governors.