Online teaching

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0. Avatar
1. gmail
2. Spam
3. Snapchat
4. Facebook
6. Screenshot
7. virus
8. MySpace
9. Browser
10. Chat
11. Messager
12. Webmaste
13. Antyvirus
14. Hacker
15. Online

0. small programs that can negatively affect computers health
1. way to send emails to all people
2. social network
3. the person responsible for administering the site
4. App for smartphones that allow you to chat with your fb bros
5. person can gain unauthorized access to other PC
6. notion of presence in the network in real time
7. An online character that represents a person.
8. prevent, detect and remove malicious software
9. username, password and appropriate permissions
10. take a photo and send it to your friends!
11. online community that allows friends to keep in touch
12. Spot conversation in real time on the Internet
13. Flooding the net with many copies of the same massages
14. is a picture taken of your computer%27s desktop.
15. Program used to display Web pages and navigate the web