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poetry terms

Author: White Peggy
Description: Match the term with the definition
Keywords: poetry, Barker, terms, , , , online teaching

0. Haiku
1. repetition
2. diamante
3. ballad
4. narrative
5. couplet
6. end rhyme
7. rhythm
8. stanza
9. sensory details
10. free verse
11. personification
12. limerick
13. cinquain
14. lyric
15. quatrain

0. tells a story. not as long as a ballad. can%27t be a song.
1. 4 line stanza, some lines rhyme
2. 3 line poem about nature
3. two-line verse that expresses one thought.
4. poems that tell a story. could be made into a song.
5. giving human qualities to inanimate objects
6. a verse in a poem like a paragraph in a story.
7. words that describe seeing,hearing, smelling,tasting,
8. song-like poem that used sensory details
9. funny verse in 5 lines
10. first line is a noun. 2nd line is 2 adj.-3rd line-3 verbs
11. pattern of sounds and beats-helps poetry flow
12. poem shaped like a diamond
13. poetry that does not include patterned thyme or rhythm
14. repeating a word or phrase to add rhythm or emphasis
15. rhyming of words at the ends of 2 or more lines