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PMA #1 Prep

Author: Koz Sam
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0. Lipid
1. Homeostasis
2. Muscle Cell
3. What is the difference between Pro and Eu?
4. DIsgestion
5. Carb
6. Function of Mitochondria
7. Why is the structure of the Mitochondria so important?
8. Monomer of Nucleic Acid
9. Flagella Specialied Structure
10. Monomer of Carb
11. Monomer of Protein
12. Stem Cell Function
13. Cells have different jobs but have the same
14. Function of Chloroplast
15. Monomer

0. Has a lot more mitochondria to make more energy
1. Its shape allows for more
2. Seperating a reactant so there are two products
3. Simple Sugar
4. Amino Acids
5. Nucleotide
6. Building Block of the Macromolecule
7. Involved in Photosynthesis, Plant Cells Only
8. Different genes are being expressed for each type of cell
9. Can replicate itself and become any type of cell
10. Allows the cell to move
11. Pro No, Eu DO
12. Quick Energy
13. Insulation
14. Involved in Cellular Respriation, Both Plant and Animal
15. To maintain balance in the body, proteins are used.