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Physical vs. Chemical Changes

Author: Miller Crystal
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1. Chemical Changes
2. Physical Changes
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0. scratch on a car rusting
1. fizzing of bubbles on a soda
2. baking an apple pie
3. boiling an egg
4. odor produced
5. candle burning and releasing heat
6. digestion of food
7. penny forming green tint on it
8. corrosion on a battery
9. any change when a new substance produced
10. dying hair
11. shattering a window with a golf ball
12. siverware tarnishes
13. leaves turining orange in fall
14. bleach spilling on a shirt
15. mixing soda and mentos to form bubbles
16. crumbling a chip into small pieces
17. cutting a folder into several tiny pieces
18. snowman changing into a puddle of water
19. evaporation (liquid changing to gas)
20. water changes to steam
21. sublimation (soild changing directly into a gas)
22. pot of water boiling and evaporating
23. soda turning to popsicle
24. mixing oil and vinegar
25. mixing chocolate chips and cake mix
26. condensation (gas changing to liquid)
27. shaving head bald
28. sawing a tree into wood
29. burning wood to ashes
30. putting wrapping paper on a box
31. person growing and aging