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Phrasal verbs GET slides

Author: Nuñez Antonio
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1. Jimmy%27s so rude, I can%27t let him ..... me
A) get to
B) get out of
C) get away
D) get to

2. I%27m so tired, I need to ....
A) get away
B) get in
C) get over
D) get around

3. I hate cooking but I just can%27t .... it
A) get over with
B) get around to
C) get to
D) get out of

4. She usually .... very early in the morning
A) gets around to
B) gets up
C) gets to
D) gets over with

5. I don%27t like going to the dentist, I%27ll just .... it
A) get around to
B) get it over with
C) get to
D) get away

6. I%27ve been busy but I hope to .... you a hand.
A) get away giving
B) get to giving
C) get around to giving
D) get put of giving