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Phrasal Verbs

Author: de la Cruz Marvin
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1. If you don%27t believe me, talk to James. He%27ll %22back me up%22.
A) To move backwards, in reverse.
B) To withdraw support.
C) To analyse something in detail.
D) To confirm facts or information.

2. Sheila %22blew up%22 when she found the overcharges on her monthly bill.
A) To become very sad.
B) To become very angry quickly.
C) To increase in size or inflate.
D) To enter without permission.

3. I spoke very slowly but I couldn%27t %22get my ideas across%22 at all.
A) To reach the point of doing something.
B) To explain successfully.
C) To be on friendly terms with someone.
D) To go on holiday.

4. When I started telling her about her new charges, she just %22hung up%22.
A) To wait.
B) To distribute.
C) To stand or wait doing nothing.
D) To end a phone conversation.