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M5U1D6 - Idioms %26 Phrasal Verbs

Author: May Helen
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0. Cut the cable
1. Throw a tantrum
2. Put on the back burner
3. Couch potato
4. Passing phase
5. Cut into
6. Take the bull by the horns
7. Turn into
8. Cut back on
9. Wise up
10. Hooked on
11. Fall behind
12. Keep after
13. Stand a chance
14. Calm down
15. Hang on

0. To become angry and unreasonable
1. Someone who often engages in sedentary activities
2. A temporary situation or trend
3. Deactivate cable subscription
4. Have a prospect of success or survival
5. Interupt the course of
6. To pause a conversation
7. Relax
8. Make it less of a priority
9. To realize and accept the facts
10. To remind or nag someone to do something
11. To be enthusiastic about something; addicted
12. To confront a problem head-on and deal with it properly
13. To reduce the use of
14. To lag behind someone or something
15. To change into someone or something