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Find the percent of, off, and added on

Author: RayMiller Andrew
Description: Please choose the correct letter choice for each answer. If you answer incorrectly, it will start you back over. You will only have 60 seconds for each question so please use your time wisely!
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1. A pair of pants cost $33.00. They were marked down by 25%25. What was the amount of the discount?
A) $ 23.76
B) $ 0.75
C) $ 8.25
D) $32.75

2. What is 0.06%25 written as a decimal?
A) 0.06
B) .006
C) .0006
D) 6

3. What is 0.6 written as a percent?
A) 6%25
B) 0.6%25
C) 0.006%25
D) 60%25

4. If there is a 30 percent discount on an item then which expression below shows the correct amount paid for the original, x?
A) .30x
B) .70x
C) 30x
D) 1.30x

5. If there is a 30 percent markup on an item, then which shows the correct expression of paid of the original price, x?
A) .30x
B) 1.30x
C) .70x
D) 30x

6. Which equation correctly shows the way to find the new price for a discount of 40%25 on the price of $11.60
A) 11.60 = 1 %2b 0.40x
B) 11.60= x - 0.40x
C) 11.60= 1 - 0.40x
D) 11.60= 0.40x

7. If you place 70 dollars in a savings account with 5%25 interest. How much money will you have in the account at the end of 2 years?
A) $77.18
B) $77
C) $73.50
D) $75