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Author: yyyyyyy sandra
Description: Fill in the correct form of the verbs between brackets
Keywords: past simple, tenses, ireggular, verbs, , , online teaching


1. My dad # (to buy) a new car last week.
A) bought

2. The old lady finally # (to sell) her house.
A) sold

3. In 1995 he # (to be) only a small baby.
A) was

4. Where # (to be) you last night?
A) were

5. The boy # (to give) his girlfriend a nice present on her birthday.
A) gave

6. We # (to drive) our car to the garage yesterday.
A) drove

7. My mum was angry with me. I # (to forget) to buy some milk yesterday.
A) forgot

8. I # (to throw up) up last night. But now I feel much better!
A) threw up

9. Last month she # (to write) a long letter to her pen pal.
A) wrote

10. last week Man. Utd.# (to lose) the match.
A) lost

11. Last week Man. Utd. # (to win) the match.
A) won

12. How was your summer holiday? I # (to have) a wonderful time in France!
A) had

13. The girl # (to go) home at about 4 pm.
A) went

14. At his 18th birthday his parents # (to give) him a brand new car.
A) gave

15. When the bullies chased the poor boy, he # (to run) away as fast as he could.
A) ran