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Author: Romeo Maria Soledad
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1. I eat an apple every morning
A) An apple was eaten every morning.
B) An apple is eat every morning
C) I ate an apple every morning.
D) An apple is eaten every morning.

2. She ordered a hamburger.
A) A hamburger order by she.
B) A hamburger is ordered by her.
C) A hamburger was ordered by her,
D) Ahamburger wasn´t ordered by her.

3. We lend books only to students.
A) Students are lend books.
B) Books is lent to students.
C) Books are lent to students.
D) Books were lent to students.

4. The architect made her house.
A) Her house is made by the architect.
B) Her house was made by the architect.
C) Her house were made by the architect.
D) Her was made by the architect.

5. Some readers don´t buy the newspaper on Sundays. The newspaper............
A) isn´t bought on Sundays.
B) are bought on Sundays.
C) aren´t bought on Sundays.
D) wasn´t buyed on Sundays.

6. People didn´t wear mobile phones in 1800. Phones....
A) isn´t worn in1800.
B) wasn´t wore in 1800.
C) doesn´t worn in 1800
D) weren´t worn in 1800

7. He doesn´t study French at school. French....
A) isn´t teached at school.
B) isn´t taught at school.
C) wasn´t taught at school.
D) was taught at school.