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Passive Voice (10th)

Author: Korotkova Angela
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1. The text ___ by Mary.
A) is translated
B) translated
C) was translated
D) will be translated

2. Is it correct: I will be sent to the competition.
A) yes
B) no

3. What? Not a sound ___.
A) is hear
B) was heard
C) is heard
D) will hear

4. My car was at the garage. It ___ .
A) is fixed
B) was fix
C) will be fixed
D) was fixed

5. Rewrite in PASSIVE: Sam took the ball.

6. Nick ___ to Moscow by his parents.
A) sent
B) was sent
C) sends
D) is sent

7. Is it correct: Bread is eaten every day.
A) yes
B) no

8. His new book ___ next year.
A) finish
B) finishes
C) will finish
D) will be finished

9. Translate into English: Работа была закончена (finish)

10. MSU was founded __ Lomonosov
A) with
B) who
C) by
D) with