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Author: Abdullatipova Patimat
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1. I ... advised to go to a sport club last week.
A) am advised
B) will be advised
C) is advised
D) was advised

2. I...juice every morning.
A) was given
B) am given
C) will be given
D) are given

3. help to my friend yesterday.
A) will be asked
B) am asked
C) was asked
D) asked

4. Last summer I ... to swim.
A) am taught
B) will be taught
C) is taught
D) was taught

5. When ... dinner...?
A) was cooked
B) is cooking
C) will cook
D) have cooked

6. The money ... tomorrow.
A) is sent
B) are sent
C) will be sent
D) was sent

7. A new computer ... yesterday.
A) is bought
B) was bought
C) bought
D) buys

8. Moscow ... in 1147.
A) was founded
B) will be founded
C) was found
D) founds

9. A new iphone ... next Sunday.
A) was bought
B) will be bought
C) will buy
D) bought

10. I ... several question at every English lesson.
A) will be asked
B) was asked
C) am asked
D) ask

11. Vocabulary exercises ... at every English lessons.
A) are written
B) write
C) wrote
D) was written

12. My father ... often ... on a business trip abroad.
A) sends
B) will be sent
C) is sent
D) was sent

13. I...good marks at school.
A) is given
B) give
C) am given
D) gave

14. Yesterday we...a lot of questions at the Maths lesson.
A) was asked
B) were asked
C) will be asked
D) asked

15. My cat ... milk every morning.
A) give
B) is given
C) was given
D) gives

16. When ... the cup...?
A) was broken
B) is brake
C) is broken
D) has broken

17. I ... in 1992.
A) am born
B) is born
C) was born
D) have been born

18. Cats ... in many families.
A) likes
B) was liked
C) are liked
D) were liked

19. Bread ... every day.
A) was eaten
B) eats
C) is eaten
D) will be eaten