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Phrase Book p7

Author: Grammarnazi Tatiana
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0. Personally I%27d like to concentrate
1. Another important area for me
2. My main aim is
3. Another thing I thought might be a good idea is to
4. One thing I%27m good at is
5. My son was late home again
6. I don%27t feel that learning idioms
7. No need to rush
8. It took a while for the business to get off the ground
9. I don%27t speak to my father now
10. I%27m the kind of person who
11. Reading longer texts is one of
12. I%27d find it really useful to look
13. I feel pretty happy
14. One of my worst faults is I never
15. So, for that reason I%27m

0. working out the meaning of words I haven%27t seen before.
1. we%27ve got all the time in the world.
2. about my pronunciation.
3. on spoken English.
4. is grammar.
5. but I always thought the world of him when I was little.
6. so I grounded him for a week.
7. but now we are making a profit.
8. at some of the most common phrasal verbs.
9. needs to see things written down.
10. aiming to read more widely in English.
11. watch English-language films in class.
12. is very useful.
13. my main priorities.
14. remember to write dwn new vocabulary.
15. to improve my writing.