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Author: Glapa Dan
Description: Run this activity multiple times to get a set of 16 new matching activities. First familiarize yourself with the flashcards, or go straight ahead to play the game by clicking %22Solve%22 To solve the puzzle, click and drag the right column definitions to the appropriate answer on the left. Once complete, click %22I am done%22 to see if you were right.
Keywords: OSHA, CLIA, health, blood borne pathogen, , , online teaching

0. Not available for individuals devices or multiple sites
1. Definition of ECP
2. ECP
4. In CLIA, cateogirzed by complexity of use
5. Required Protected OSHA work practice equipment
6. Hep B Vaccines
7. Vaccine Schedules
8. Administered by CDC
9. For adults greater than 20 yoa, 10 mcg/ml IM into deltoid
10. Three all must be documented for OSHA
11. Signed if refuse vaccine and document employee refuse
12. For adults %3e 20yoa, 20 mcg ml IM into deltoid
13. Give only once, 0.06ml / kg IM as adjunct to Heb B vaccine in unvaccinated
14. Change between every patient
15. CLIA waiver applies to _______

1. Refusal allowed but must be documented
2. Glasses required gloves optional
3. rqd at blood testing sites, document training, reeval annually
4. Hep B Immune Globulin
5. Trained in Universal precautions
7. clinical lab improvement act
8. CLIA waiver
9. Health Fair
10. Recombivax
11. Hep B Vaccination Declination Statement
12. 3 to 6 months
13. Universal Precautions
14. housekeeping materials
15. HBIG