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Origins of Islam

Author: Bondy Michelle
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1. The second largest world religion, after #
A) Judaism
B) Christianity
C) Buddhism
D) Atheism

2. # is the Arabic name for God.
A) Allah

3. Who do the roots of Islam go back to?
A) Jesus
B) Abraham
C) Noah
D) Moses

4. Arrange these following sentences in order, using the numbers. 1. Abraham built a holy sanctuary according to God%27s instructions. 2. Sarah was jealous. 3. Abraham had a son, named Ishmael. 4. They wandered till they ran out of water. 5. Muslms make pilgrimages there even nowadays. 6. Abraham visited Ismael. 7. Abraham sent Ishmael and Hagar to the desert. 8. A well appeared at Ishmael%27s feet.

5. 3 2 7 4 8 6 1 5
A) undefined
B) undefined
C) undefined
D) undefined

6. The Ka%27bah is
A) the holy sanctuary Abraham built
B) located at Zamzam
C) translated to %22cube%22
D) the location that Muslims make pilgrimages to