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Unit 2 Vocabulary Review (copy) (copy)

Author: Nash Heather
Description: Click a domino and drag it to the top of the page. Then find the matching definitions/terms and drag them to the top!
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1. has to eat producers to get its energy.
A) Consumer
B) Autotroph
C) Carnivore
D) Producer

2. breaks down/eats dead and decaying organisms to get energy.
A) Decomposer
B) Consumer
C) Carnivore
D) Plants

3. makes its own food
A) Autotroph
B) Herbivore
C) The sun
D) grass

4. eats only meat
A) Carnivore
B) Producer
C) First order (Primary) consumers
D) Plants

5. eats only plants.
A) Herbivore
B) human
C) producer
D) Carnivore

6. eats meat and plants.
A) Omnivore
B) cow
C) Carnivore
D) producer

7. Always producers because they go through photosynthesis
A) Plants
B) Omnivore
C) consumers
D) Heterotroph

8. the producer in a farm ecosystem
A) grass
B) Third order (tertiary) consumers
C) Omnivore
D) First order (Primary) consumers

9. where producers get their energy from!
A) The sun
B) Omnivore
C) grass
D) Decomposer