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Author: Fitz Megan
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0. Whale
1. submarine
2. oceanography
3. trench
4. Brachiopods
5. seawater
6. hydrothermal vent
7. Arcitc Ocean
8. Pacific ocean
9. Coral
10. ship
11. Plankton
12. salt marsh
13. Crustaceans
14. Seashell
15. Shark

0. smallest and shallowest of the oceanic divisions
1. a long narrow ditch on the floor of the ocean
2. composed of invertebrate polyps and can be either soft or hard
3. watercraft capable of independent operation below water%27s surface
4. hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the ocean
5. air-breathing mamal that may be submerged under water for an hour
6. mixture of 96.5%25 water, 2.5%25 salts and small amounts of other substances
7. the exploration and scientific study of the ocean and its phenomena
8. anthropods, related to insects and spiders; including crabs, lobsters, shrimp
9. largest of the Earth%27s oceanic divisions
10. large vessel that floats on water to transport, fish, entertain, among other purposes
11. low coastal grassland frequently overflowed by the tide
12. algae that are the basic food source of all living things in the ocean
13. an opening in the ocean%27s floor where water containing minerals flow out
14. bottom-dwelling, filter-feeding infertebrates
15. fiercest predator of the sea, but are the more primitive fish