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Obtaining Software Programs

Author: Swift Michelle
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0. Freeware
1. Download
2. Upgrade
3. Operating System
4. Patch
5. Web Applications
6. Bundleware
7. Web Browser
8. Software as a Service (SaaS)
9. Shareware
10. Network License
11. Software License
12. Single-User License
13. Software
14. Copyright
15. Open Source

0. Free software that can be modified %26 redistributed
1. Applied over software that you already have installed to correct errors
2. Software included with the purchase of a new computer
3. Intangible set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
4. Replacing Software with a newer %26 better version
5. License that gives you the right to install software on a single computer
6. Software that is downloadable for free on a trial basis
7. A software applciation used to access information on the Web
8. Application that is accessed through a Web browser over a network
9. Installs a sotfware program onto your computer
10. System software that provides an interface with the user, apps, %26 hardware
11. Gves the organization the right to install a ogram on a server
12. Application is licensed for use as a service through the Internet
13. Software that is given away by the author, but they retain the copyright
14. Gives you permission to use and/or install a software program
15. Exclusive legal rights given to the author to protect their orignal works