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North and South

Author: Gehle Beth
Keywords: Civil War, Virginia USI SOL, , , , , online teaching

1. North
2. South
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0. Union
1. Confederacy
2. United States of America
3. Confederate States of America
4. President Abraham Lincoln
5. President Jefferson Davis
6. Washington, D.C.
7. Richmond, VA
8. Robert E. Lee
9. Thomas %22Stonewall%22 Jackson
10. Ulysses S. Grant
11. U.S. is a union that cannot be divided
12. states had joined the union freely and can leave freely
13. states rights are the most important
14. the national government%27s laws are supreme
15. agricultural economy
16. industrial economy
17. urban
18. in favor of tariffs
19. opposed to tariffs
20. could declare national laws illegal
21. Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri
22. West Virginia
23. troops became increasingly younger as the war went on
24. much of this area was devastated by the war
25. currency was worthless by the end of the war