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Author: Poblete Leonora
Description: fill in the blank with the right answer
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1. what animal is this? #
A) leopard

A) 2.png

3. As you can see this animal is a wolf. This animal has #
A) fur and big teeth

A) 3.png

5. What kind of bear is this? #
A) polar

A) 4.png

7. What animal is this?#
A) tiger

A) 5.png

9. This is one of the biggest walking animals. It%27s name is#
A) elephant

A) 6.png

11. This is a giraffe. It has a long#
A) neck

A) 7.jpg

13. This little girl is called Suzzy. She went to the park and found a lot of new friends. What kind of friends did she find?

14. She found a#
A) cat and birds

A) 8.jpg

16. Suzzy also have a lot of pets back home and she likes to spend a lot of time with them. What kind of animals are they? (Name them from BOTTOM TO TOP)

17. Suzzy#
A) has a dog a cat and a rat