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Nervous, Muscular and Skeletal Review

Author: Freeman Katie
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0. joint
1. spine
2. cerebellum
3. ligament
4. smooth muscle
5. peripheral nerves
6. stimuli
7. tendon
8. spinal cord
9. skeletal muscle
10. skeletal
11. muscular
12. blood cells
13. cardiac muscle
14. cerebrum
15. brain stem

0. something that causes a response in the body
1. stack of bones that protect the bundle of nerves in the back
2. system that provides support and protection for organs
3. controls thoughts, voluntary actions and senses
4. controls balance and coordination
5. connective tissue that connects muscle to bone
6. voluntary muscle attatched to the skeleton
7. the point where two bones meet
8. nerves that branch out into your limbs
9. bundle of nerves that runs from the brain stem down the back
10. controls involuntary actions
11. these are made in the bone marrow
12. involuntary muscle found only in the heart
13. involuntary muscle found in your organs
14. system that provides movement
15. connective tissue that connects bone to bone