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Natural Gas1

Author: Grammarnazi Tatiana
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1. # - To begin burning
A) emit
B) dissolve
C) release
D) ignite

2. # - a place (such as a part of a machine) where a liquid is stored
A) reservoir
B) benefit
C) pollutant
D) convenience

3. # - a compressed gas that consists of flammable hydrocarbons (as propane and butane) and is used especially as fuel or as raw material for chemical synthesis
A) gas cap
C) byproduct
D) impurity

4. # - highly developed and complex
A) recoverable
B) odorless
C) sophisticated
D) (non)associated

5. # - to appear or exist : to be found
A) to occur
B) to elevate
C) to interact with
D) to result in

6. # - : something that is produced during the production or destruction of something else
A) oil deposits
B) evidence
C) byproduct
D) sediment

7. # - to look at (something) in a careful way to learn more about it
A) to refine
B) to produce
C) to examine
D) to explore

8. # - the pieces that are left after something has been destroyed
A) shipping
B) debris
C) circumstance
D) raw materials

9. # - causing or capable of causing damage or harm
A) harmful
B) void of
C) abundant
D) hazardous