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Natural disasters

Description: Choose one type of a natural disaster according to the characteristic.
Keywords: flood, earthquake, tsunami, famine, drought, , online teaching

1. This is when the ground shakes. It´s quite frequent in Japan.
A) hurricane
B) earthquake
C) tsunami
D) tornado

2. It´s much too much water, for example as a result of heavy rains or when a lot of snow melts.
A) flood
B) drought
C) famine
D) tsunami

3. This is a very strong wind.
A) famine
B) tsunami
C) flood
D) hurricane

4. This is a result of a long time without rain.
A) flood
B) famine
C) hurricane
D) drought

5. This one is a huge wave caused by a volcanic eruption.
A) flood
B) tsunami
C) tornado
D) famine

6. This is when there´s no food and starving people are dying.
A) hurricane
B) drought
C) famine
D) earthquake