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MOTW Module 2 Review

Author: Rodriguez Rose
Keywords: music, module2, , , , , online teaching

0. British Invasion
1. True or false: Computers are not a tool used by musicians.
2. True or False: Music videos helped artists in the early 80s.
3. Pop Music
4. True or False: Music charts really didn%27t help the industry.
5. Disco
6. Thirty-two bar
7. True or false: People lost interest in disco during the 70s.
8. Pop music tends to...
9. Donna Summer
10. Billboard
11. True or False: Technology had an incredible effect in music.
12. True or False: Pop music and poular music are the same thing.
13. True of False: New Kids on the Block is a boy band.
14. MTV
15. Boy Band

0. False. Refers to music produced for a mass audience.
1. A popular disco singer
2. Helped singers develop a more intimate style of singing
3. Alternates verses with a repeating chorus
4. Music produced for a mass audience
5. True: Videos gave artists a visible presence that helped sell.
6. True.
7. The point when most scholars agree pop/rock music began
8. False: Computers help musicians create and store new sounds.
9. AABA form, a series of verses interrupted by a bridge in a song
10. Music charts that helped increase pop music%27s popularity
11. 3-6 young adult males who sing but don;t play instruments
12. ...reflect musical trends rather than start them
13. False. Charts helped the growth or rock and pop music.
14. Infused his music with protest
15. Typical theme in pop music songs