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MOTW Module 2 Review

Author: Rodriguez Rose
Keywords: music, module2, , , , , online teaching

0. British Invasion
1. Love
2. Elvis Presley
3. Thirty-two bar
4. True or False: Music charts really didn%27t help the industry.
5. Verse-chorus structure
6. Disco
7. Popular Music
8. True or False: Music videos helped artists in the early 80s.
9. Pop Music
10. Boy Band
11. 1950
12. True or False:The British Invasion happened in the early 80s.
13. Microphones
14. Billboard
15. True or False: Pop music and poular music are the same thing.

0. Typical theme in pop music songs
1. A popular disco singer
2. Music produced for a mass audience
3. Helped singers develop a more intimate style of singing
4. Music charts that helped increase pop music%27s popularity
5. True.
6. False. Charts helped the growth or rock and pop music.
7. False: Computers help musicians create and store new sounds.
8. Began airing music videos in the 1980s
9. True: Tchnological advances impacted music.
10. 3-6 young adult males who sing but don;t play instruments
11. The point when most scholars agree pop/rock music began
12. 1960s- British pop groups became popular i the course.
13. Alternates verses with a repeating chorus
14. Any music since the industrialization in the mid-1800s
15. One of the most popular of the early pop/rock artists