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Multicultural Britain - Comparatifs/Superlatifs

Author: Thiers Clementine
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1. New Zealanders are ... Canadians at speaking English.
A) good as
B) as good than
C) as good as
D) better as

2. The man looks ... the pupils.
A) less young than
B) younger than
C) as young as
D) less young as

3. The Notting Hill Carnival is ... any other carinval.
A) famous
B) famouser
C) more famous than
D) more famous as

4. Black people were ... than English people.
A) poor
B) poorest
C) more poor
D) poorer

5. Chinese stir-fry is ... Chicken Tikka Masala.
A) easy as
B) easier than
C) more easy than
D) more easy as

6. Fish and chips is ... Asian food.
A) boring as
B) boringer than
C) more boring than
D) more boring as

7. Exotic food is ... before.
A) unusualless as
B) unusualless than
C) less unusual as
D) less unusual than

8. African fashion is ... than British fashion.
A) colourful
B) colourfuler
C) more colourful
D) as colourful

9. British Asians are ... minority in the UK.
A) the largest
B) larger than
C) largest than
D) the most large