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The Mt Erebus Disaster

Author: Wilson Cameron
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1. How many fatalities were there in this incident?
A) 257
B) 284
C) 79
D) 112

2. What was the captains name?
A) Bob Charles
B) Jacob Craig
C) Jim Brown
D) Jim Collins

3. What was the first officers name?
A) Gary Jones
B) Gary Sheppard
C) Greg Cassin
D) Greg Collins

4. What was the first reason given for why the plane crashed?
A) Ran out of fuel
B) Pilot error
C) Engine failure
D) Instrument error

5. Who conducted the second investigation into the disaster?
A) Peter Holiday
B) Morrie Davis
C) Peter Mahon
D) Ron Chippendale

6. When did Air New Zealand begin senic overflights over Antarctica?
A) 1977
B) 1979
C) 1980
D) 1981