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Colonization Era

Author: Ekwue Grace
Keywords: Colonies, Colonial Era, Colonization, New England, Thirteen Colonies, , online teaching

0. Mayflower Compact
1. William Penn
2. Thomas Hooker
3. African Americans
4. Quakers
5. Plymouth Colony
6. Magna Carta
7. John Smith
8. Catholics
9. Native Americans
10. William Bradford
11. Anne Hutchinson
12. Roger Williams
13. Jamestown Colony
14. Pilgrims and Puritans
15. James Oglethorpe

0. taught colonists survival skills; Pocahantas and Squanto
1. Puritan leader of Boston; governor of Massachusetts
2. established missions; settled Maryland for religious freedom
3. founded Rhode Island for religious freedom from Massachusetts
4. document that stated that people had rights to elect representatives
5. 1619: first repesentative legislature in English colonies
6. strict leader of Jamestown: %22If you don%27t work, you don%27t eat!%22
7. groups that left England for religious freedom
8. 1620: Pilgrims settled in this Massachusetts colony
9. 1215: %22Great Charter%22 - limited the power of the King of England
10. founder of Connecticut; created Fund. Orders of Conn.
11. saved Jamestown colony by growing tobacco
12. founder of Pennsylvania; leader of the Quakers
13. sold as slaves in the Americans; taught skills of rice cultivation
14. religious group led by William Penn; were pacifists (opposed war)
15. 1620: established self-government; first written laws in colonies