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Reasons for Exploration and Colonization

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Categorize and drag the correct description to the boxes at the top of the page.
Keywords: exploration, colonization, New World, , , , online teaching

1. Spain
2. France
3. England
4. All of the Above

0. often brutal to Natives
1. friendly to Natives at times
2. wanted to protect culture
3. owned Louisiana territory
4. explored Great Lakes area
5. colonized most areas of US
6. colonized Florida
7. colonized 13 colonies
8. to find riches
9. find NW passage and land
10. claimed Southwest, Mexico Mexico
11. wanted to expand empire
12. established Jamestown
13. friendly to Natives
14. competed for resources
15. mercantilism
16. last to establish colonies
17. wanted religious freedom
18. to find glory and fame
19. to spread religion
20. convert Natives in missions
21. intermarried with Natives
22. last to establish colonies
23. Columbian Exchange
24. find NW Passage and fur