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Movies - Vocabulary

Author: Mikulcova Eva
Description: Choose the correct word.
Keywords: Movies, Vocabulary, , , , , online teaching


1. It is very funny __________________.
A) extremely
B) indeed
C) a lot

2. The _______________________ is about three men who have to look after a baby.
A) plot
B) performance
C) editing

3. The _________________ is on at the Odeon cinema.
A) drama
B) movie
C) producer

4. It was an __________________ film - I really loved it.
A) ordinary
B) extraordinary
C) moving

5. That film won´t be ____________________ for you - it´s too violent.
A) suitable
B) disgusting
C) unsuitable

6. Her ________________ was really gripping - you must see it.
A) performance
B) fan
C) achievement