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%22 Motion %22 Vocabulary (Pg. 570 - 581)

Author: Miller Crystal
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0. decelerate
1. formula for momentum
2. formula for speed
3. momentum
4. energy
5. force
6. acceleration
7. work
8. position
9. frame of reference
10. inertia
11. motion
12. speed
13. formula for acceleration
14. velocity
15. simple machine

0. the mass of an object multiplied by its velocity
1. a push or pull on an object
2. the use of force to move an object a distance
3. how fast an object%27s position changes over time
4. measurement that tells both speed and direction
5. to decrease sped (to go down)
6. a change in position over time
7. change in speed divided by time
8. tool that changes the direction, distance, and strength of a force
9. the ability to perform work or change an object
10. distance divided by time
11. the location of an object
12. the tendency of a object to keep moving or resist a change in motion
13. group of objects from which help you measure position or motion
14. change in velocity over time
15. mass x velocity