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Money Matters Chapter 2

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0. Viaticals
1. Least liquid of all investments
2. KISS Rule of Investing
3. Liquidity
4. Profits that a company distributes
5. The most aggressive mutual funds
6. Buying a part of ownership in a company
7. Investors pool their money to make an investment.
8. Two types of annunities
9. Percentage of mutual funds that make a profit after 5 years
10. Percentage of mutual funds that make a profit after 10 years
11. Bond
12. Savings account with an insurance company
13. Diversification
14. Commodities and Futures
15. the best option if you begin losing money in your mutual fund

0. Fixed and variable
1. Real Estate
2. You are betting on the weather with these types of investments
3. 100%25
4. mutual fund
5. Leave it alone and continue to invest money in the fund
6. Keep it Simple Stupid
7. 97%25
8. Annuity
9. Companies that are a little younger and growing
10. the availability of the investment
11. buying the beneficiary policy of someone that is dying.
12. Single Stocks
13. Means to spread around
14. a debt instrument in which the company owes you money.
15. dividends