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Organic Molecules and Enzymes

Author: Lewis Keesha
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0. amino acids
1. Carbohydrates
2. Nucleic acids
3. insulin
4. substrate
5. monosaccharides
6. enzymes
7. nucleotides
8. steroids, sex hormones, cell membrane, waxes, oils
9. hemoglobin
10. glycerol %2b fatty acid chains
11. suffix -ose
12. Proteins
13. Lipids
14. suffix -ase
15. cellulose

0. Monomers of proteins
1. binds to a specific enzyme. Changed into a new product
2. Made of amino acids. Provide structure and repairs tissues
3. used to identify enzymes
4. The structure of lipids
5. A carbohydrate that makes up the structure of the cell wall
6. a protein that transports oxygen throughout the body
7. Found in or around the nucleus. DNA or RNA
8. Long term energy storage. Insulation. Makes up cell membrane
9. protein used to regulate blood glucose
10. examples of lipids
11. proteins that speed up chemical reactions
12. simple sugars that make up the structure of carbohydrates
13. used to identify carbohydrates
14. Monomers of nucleic acids (Phosphate, sugar, nitrogen base)
15. Sugars. Composed of monosaccharides. Quick energy