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Unit 5 Review

Author: Carter Susie
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0. Contact your provider immediately
1. Credit Score
2. Transactions
3. Balance
4. Debit Card
5. Minimum
6. Account Number
7. PIN
8. Company
9. Draft
10. Mortgage
11. Customer
12. ATM
13. Bill
14. Due Date
15. Bounced Check

0. Personal Identification Number
1. the bill you pay if you are buying your home
2. automated teller machine
3. a number representing the likelihood that a person will pay his or her debt
4. the first step if you cannot pay your bills on time
5. bank card the allows you to use it as a check or at an ATM
6. occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a check
7. total amount of money you have in your account
8. a statement that tells you how much you owe for services
9. a record of all the activity in the account
10. the person that buys or uses whatever the company provides
11. the amount the customer must pay to remain in good standing with the crediter
12. the date that the payment must be paid to avoid cancelation
13. the number which identifies the account holder or the customer
14. paper with account number that tells the bank to pay a bill from your account
15. the provider of services the customer uses or buys